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H. Maciejewska, M. Uhniat, W. Wasilewska

The effect of conditions of preparation of a titanium catalyst for the propylene polymerization supported on magnesium chloride on the chemical composition, activity, and stereospecifity of the catalyst

Polimery 1990, No 10, 361

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1990.361


The effect of the molar ratio of substrates on the yield and composition of the TiCl4 · ethyl benzoate (BE) complex has been investigated, the effect of hydration water content in the MgCl2 — carrier on the activity and stereosepecifity on the TiCl4 · BE/MgCl2-AlEt3 catalytic system in the polymerization of propylene determined and the dependence of polypropylene yield and stereospecifity on the presence of an external electron donor [BE, Si(OCH3)4, (C6H5)2Si(OCH3)2] and on catalyst aging characterized. It has also been found that a very strong 1680 cm-1band is present in infra-red spectrum of the MgCl2/TiCl4 · BE active calalyst chich is characteristic of a TiCl4 — bound carrier. There are also present weak 1620 cm-1 and 3500 cm-1 bands confirming a low content of OH groups.

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