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I. Klier, Z. Rosłaniec, V. Duchaćek

The effect of gamma irradiation on the structure and properties of ester-ether elastomers

Polimery 1991, No 1, 18

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.018


The effect of the gamma irradiation dose of Coe0 (doses up to 1000 kGy) and of the type of Elitel ester-ether elastomer, differing in the content of the rigid poly(butylene terephthalate) segments and of the soft poly(oxytetramethylene) segments (Elitel 4420, 4440, and 4450) on the changes in their structure and physical properties has been investigated. DSC and TGM methods have been used, tensile properties determined and optical microscopy applied to the observation of the intensity of surface cracking. Gamma irradiation initiates the processes of cross-linking and oxidative destruction. The share of destruction increases with the increase of the irradiation dose and with the increase of the content of polyether segments in Elitel. This destruction causes undesirable changes in mechanical properties and crazing on the surface of specimens. These changes are greater than in the case of irradiating ester-ether elastomers with a stream of rapid electrons.

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