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R. Sikora

The effect of heating of pvc pipes on selected mechanical properties of pipe bells

Polimery 1998, No 6, 384

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1998.384


Disconnectable rubber-sealed pipe bell joints represent the major type of unplasticized (hard) PVC pipe connections. Yield stress, breaking stress, elongation at break and longitudinal elasticity coefficient were studiem in PVC pipe bells in relation to major belling parameters, viz., temperature (Tn) and time of heating (t). PVC pipes were studied in the bulk, for comparison (Figs. 5—8). Results of calculation of transient heat conduction through heated pipe walls (Figs. 9, 10) were compared with experimental data. The two parameters studied were found to affect the mechanical Bell properties rather nonuniformly. An essential difference was established to occur between the temperature of heating and the temperature of the pipe material, related to the time of heating. Again a considerable temperature gradient was found to occur in the wall of the pipe. Optimum belling parameters were found to be: Tn - 180—190°C and t = 80—90 s.

Keywords: pipe bells, belling, PVC pipe belling parameters, mechanical properties of bells

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