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S. Makarski, S. Zapała, H. Kozłowski

The effect of some low-molecular-mass chain extending and crosslinking compounds

on the properties of cast urethane elastomers

Polimery 1987, No 11-12, 475

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1987.475


The mechanical properties and fields of application of cast urethane elastomers have been presented. These elastomers have been obtained by crosslinking with low - molecular-mass chain extending and crosslinking compounds of prepolymers prepared from polyetherols (oligooxytetramethylene glycol or oligooxypropylene glycol) and tolylen diisoisocyanate. The possibility of using crosslinking compounds of lower melting point, as fo r example isobutyl 4-chloro-3,5-diaminobenzoate (Baytec PU 1604), instead of hitherto used crosslinking agent with higher melting point — 3,3'-dichloro-4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane (MOCA) has been demonstrated.

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