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W. Marjański, A. Kwiatkowski

The effect of the polarity of polyurethane films on the solubiliy and transport processes of gas molecules

Polimery 1991, No 7-8-9, 322

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.322


The solubility of H2, N2, NH3 and CO2 in four types of polyurethane (PUR) films of different polarities was determined. As polydiols in the synthesis of polyurethanes poly(ethylene adipate), polyoxypropylene glycol and two polyoxytetramethylene glycols of different molecular weight were used. The solubility coefficients were calculated in an indirect manner, basing on the values of diffusion coefficients and permeability coefficients determined by the method of delay time. The effect of PUR polarity on the solubility in them of various gases (H2, N2, CO2) and on the process of transport of the gas molecules through PUR films was characterized.

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