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T.E. Lipatova

The effect of thesurface of solids on the process of formation of some polymers

Polimery 1981, No 2, 41

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1981.041


The kinetics of polymerization of oligomericcompounds, i.e. poly(propylene oxide) of molecular mass 1,000 (PPG -1000) withOH groups at both ends of the chains, polytetrahydrofuran of molecular mass1,000 (PTHF-1000) with OH groups at both ends of the chains, and diphenyldiisocyanomethane(FIM), in the presence of the surface of solids introduced to the system asfillers has been investigated. As such fillers, MgCl2, NH4Cl and colloidal silicahave been used. The effect of the surface of fillers in various stages of thepolymerization process of the above mentioned oligomers has been discussed.

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