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E. Makarewicz, T. Mikulski

The electrokinetic properties of aqueous acrylic copolymer solutions

Polimery 1998, No 4, 247

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1998.247


Aqueous solutions of acrylic acid (KA) or methacrylic acid (KM) copolymers prepared with acrylamide (AA) or methacrylamide (MAA) at various starting acid/amide mole ratios were studied. The equivalent carboxylic (LCOOH) and amine (LNH2) values and Hildebrand's solubility parameters (δ) were determined for the copolymers. Equivalent conductance (λ), limiting equivalent conductance (λo), limiting viscosity number (GLL), and pH were measured for aqueous solutions of the copolymers. Electrophoretic data were used to evaluate the electrokinetic properties. The gram-equivalent (Q) of the copolymer deposited on the anode was determined. The study allowed to establish the numerical values of the coefficients occurring in some well-known relationships relating the quantities mentioned.

Keywords: acrylate copolymers, aqueous solution, equivalent conductance, electrophoretic characteristics

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