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J. Żurakowska-Orszagh, J. Ołdziejewski, A. Chmielewski

The evaluation of miscibil ity of binary systems of elastomers. Part I. Application of the viscometric method

1985, No 11-12, 445

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.445


The Krigbaum-Wall criterion was used for the evalua­tion of the effect of polarity of elastomers differing in chemical structure on their mutual miscibility in a polymer-polymer-solvent system. Twenty systems of this type comprising polybutadiene, copolymers of butadiene and styrene or acrylonitrile, poly-2-chlorobutadiene, copolymer of 2-chlorobutadiene and 2,3-dichlorobutadiene and copoly­mer of ethylene and vinyl acetate have been investigated. Toluene has been used as solvent. It has been found that the elastomers polarity exerts a considerable effect on their miscibility.

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