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A. Balas, R. Lisowska, В. Terlecki

The influence of n-butyllithium, styrene and living styrene oligomers on the solubility and degree of cross-linking of urethane elastomers

Polimery 1984, No 1, 51

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1984.051


The course of transformation of a urethane prepolymer prepared from oligo(ethylene adipate)and diphenylmethane 4,4'-diisocyanate, occuring in the presence of styrene and catalysed by n-butyllithium has been investigated. The transformation of the same prepolymer catalysed by living styrene oligomers (dimer, trimer, hexamer and octamer) has also been studied. It has been revealed that the content and degree of cross-linking of the insoluble fractions formed as a result of the above mentioned transformations in urethane elastomers depend of the concentration of n-butyllithium and styrene and molecular mass of the living styrene oligomers.

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