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P. Sobota

The role of MgCI2 as a support for the new generation of the olefin polymerization catalysts (in English)

Polimery 1989, No 6-7, 253

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1989.253


To elucidate the extraordinary role of MgCl2 as a support of superactive olefin polymerization catalysts, the reaction between MgCl2 and AlCl3 has been investigated. It has been found that these compounds react with each other in ethyl acetate with the formation of a salt, [Mg(CH3OCOEt)6] [AlCl4]2. This fact explains to some extent the role of MgCl2 as a support. Namely, MgCl2 is a donor and AICI3 is an acceptor of Cl-. Thus, aluminium chloride can be eliminated from the catalyst composition and alu minium chloride adversely influences the catalytic activity. In the reaction of diethyl phthalate and TiCl4 there has been obtained a compound of formula [C6H4(OCOEt)2TiCl4] (I). Crystallographic studies have demonstrated that phenyl ring is situated apart from titanium atom — it means from the active centre — and thus it cannot exert any influence on the stereospecifity of the polymerization process. It can only influence the selectivity of the process proceeding with the participation of the adjacent molecule of complex I.

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