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B. Thomalla, J. Thomalla

The role of acetoacetate groupings in the preparation of varnishes and adhesive binders.

Part II. Review of patent literature

Polimery 1999, No 2, 106

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1999.106


A 1986—1995 review with 122 references covering possible uses of acetoacetate groupings in the preparation of new coatings and adhesive binders. The leading companies (judging by the number of patents granted) include: "Rohm and Haas Co.", "BASF Lacke und Farben A.-G.", "Showa Highpolymer Co." Ltd., "Eastman Kodak Co.", "Hoechst A.-G.", "Union Oil Co. of California", "AKZO" N.V., "Imperial Chemical Industries", and "Aica Kogyo Co".
Keywords: acetoacetate groupings, reactions of compounds carrying acetoacetate groups, varnishes and adhesive sealants

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