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I.A. Gritskova, S.A. Gusev, E. Grzywa, E.N. Teleshov ,S.M. Shumanskii , I. Grzywa-Niksińska

The synthesis and characterization of microspheres with aldehyde groups on the surface

Polimery 1991, No 6, 229

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.229


Conditions of the radiation-induced graft polymerization of acrolein on the surface of polystyrene microspheres have been investigated. These microspheres were prepared by the emulsion polymerization of styrene. It has been demonstrated by IR spectroscopy and elementary analysis that in the grafting reaction under study predominantly vinyl bonds of acrolein molecules are involed. The content of aldehyde groups in the polymeric microspheres modified with polyacrolein has been determined. Properties of the modified microspheres as protein carriers have also been investigated.

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