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J. Łukaszczyk, K. Jaszcz

The synthesis of multifunctional polyester-epoxy resins. RAPID COMMUNICATION

Polimery 1999, No 1, 56

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1999.056


Polyesters carrying pendant allyl groups were synthesized from succinic anhydride and allyl glycidyl ether by following a commercial route of catalyzed melt copolymerization to unsaturated polyester resins. To reduce the functionality of some polyesters, butyl glycidyl ether was substituted in part for the allyl ether. The resulting polyesters were epoxidized with m-chloroperbenzoic acid. The multifunctional polyester-epoxy resins obtained were cured at elevated temperatures in the presence or absence of succinic anhydride. Trial experiments showed the curedresins to be hydrolytically degradable.
Keywords: functional polyesters, pendant allyl groups, epoxidation, curing, hydrolytic degradation
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