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J. Szafko, E. Wiśniewska, B. Pabin-Szafko

Thermal decomposition of 2, 2'-azobis[2-methyl-ω-hydroxyoligo(oxyethylene)propionate] in the acrylonitrile/N, N-dimethylformamid system

Polimery 2002, No 7/8, 563

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2002.563


The thermal decomposition (333 K) of initiator 2,2”-azobis[2-methyl-ω-hydroxyoligo(oxyethylene)propionate] [AIB-OOE(400)] in N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF), in acrylonitrile (AN) and in the mixture DMF/AN with the composition xAN = 0.52 and 0.87 (xAN — the mole fraction of acrylonitrile) was studied by volumetric method. A priority of the experimental determination of the order of decomposition reaction in relation to the initiator was established. It has been found, that the differential kinetic equations (7) and (9) can be used for this purpose. After the determination of the order equal to 1 for all solutions, the kinetic constant kd(I) was determined from the integral equation (15). The differential equations (8) and (10) cannot be used for this purpose (kdI ≠ kdI). The method used allows to avoid diversities of meaning, occurring in the literature, in determination of the reaction order and thermal decomposition rate constant for the azo-initiators.

Keywords: thermal decomposition, azo-initiators, decomposition rate constant, order of azo-initiators decomposition reaction

J. Szafko, E. Wiśniewska, B. Pabin-Szafko (439.2 KB)
Thermal decomposition of 2, 2’-azobis[2-methyl-ω-hydroxyoligo(oxyethylene)propionate] in the acrylonitrile/N, N-dimethylformamid system