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E. Białecka-Florjańczyk, J. Sołtysiak, W. Stańczyk

Tire effect of the length of the flexible spacer on the mesomorphic properties of oligo(cyclosiloxanes)

Polimery 1995, No 7-8, 461

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1995.461


Studies of liquid crystalline cyclic siloxanes bearing 4-methoxyphenyl benzoate as the mesogenic side grup revealed the major effect of the length of the flexible spacer (number of methylene groups in the side chain) and of the size of siloxane ring (4—8 membered ring) on the temperature range of the mesophase existence. It has been experimentally shown that rodlike mesogens do not generate columnar discotic phases but smectic and nematic systems are formed.

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