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K. Czaja, K. Serwuszok, W. Nowy-Wiechuła

Titanium-aluminium catalysts with alkoxy ligands supported on aluminium oxide

for ethylene polymerization (in English)

Polimery 1989, No 6-7, 313

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1989.313


Activity of a model titanium-aluminium catalyst system with n-BuO-ligands has been investigated in the polymerization of ethylene. The effect of the concentration of titanium compound on the support, the Al/Ti molar ratio, and catalyst concentration in the polymerization process on polyethylene yield has been determined. A mathematical optimation method has been used for the interpretation of results. The intervals of the optimum parameters of catalyst synthesis have been established, to obtain catalyst with a high activity in low-pressure ethylene polymerization. These specified optimum parameters have been applied in the subsequent synthesis of similar catalytic systems, differing in the type of OR-ligands only. The effect of the alkyl chain length in these ligands and their branching degree on the yield of ethylene polymerization has been studied. These results have been discussed and compared with the results of an EPR-analysis of these catalytic systems.

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