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M. Kosińska, Z. Kłosowska-Wołkowicz, P. Penczek

Unsaturated polyester resins with hydrophilic properties

Polimery 1984, No 5, 151

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.151


The properties of elasticized hydrophilic polyester resins prepared with the use of polyoxyethylenediol and crosslinked with a water-soluble monomer, acrylic acid, have been investigated and compared with those resins crosslinked with styrene. The water-soluble unsaturated polyester resins can be crosslinked in water solution with acrylic acid or with acryloamide. The water solutions of those resins with these acrylic monomers have been preliminarily tested as a binder for preimpregnation of the fibrous substrate of the leatherlike material. The substrate of the poromeric material thus prepared exhibited advantageous hygienic characteristics (sorption and permeation of water vapour)..

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