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E. Hałasa

Urethane-modified epoxide resins

1989, No 12, 527

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1989.527


The conditions of modification of Epidian-5 epoxide resin w th urethane oligomers with isocyanate end -groups have been investigated and a series of compositions of the epoxy -u rethane type (EPUR) differing in the content of urethane oligomer has been prepared. The changes in viscosity versus time o f these EPUR compositions have been characterized and the mechanical properties of joints with metal cured by aliphatic or aromatic polyamines have been determined. It has been found that modification results in a slight increase in the shear strength and a 5— 7 - fold increase in the tear strenght, as compared with the corresponding properties of joints obtained with the unmodified Epidian-5 resin.

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