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Archimedes 2015

During The XVIII Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon „ARCHIMEDES – 2015” (2-5 April 2015) Polish inventors received 15 Gold Medals, 4 Silver and one Bronze Medal.

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute was granted Gold Medal for the project "The method of oxidising polymerization of 2,6-dimethylphenol”, authors team: Sebastian Firlik M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Professor Wincenty Skupiński, D. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Dr. Zbigniew Wielgosz, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Janusz Stasiński, M. Sc.; Magdalena Żubrowska, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Sławomir Pawłowski, M. Sc.

About 600 inventions from 18 countries have been presented during the showcase.

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