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Battery Utilization and Recycling

Research areas

  • Recycling and utilization of electrochemical power sources. The adjustment of Polish legislation regarding waste management including used and expired batteries, to the directives of the European Union has created a need for battery utilization and recycling methods. Our group develops a hydro-metallurgic method of elements recovery from zinc-manganese batteries. We also participate in an informational and educational campaign focused on acting legislation, risks associated with presence of batteries in communal waste, and benefits of battery recovery and recycling.

  • Construction of improved cells with manganese cathodes. The high environmental burden associated with used batteries can be efficiently relieved by designing batteries of high capacity as well as batteries that can be recharged, which extends their service life. The group cooperates with the Electrochemical Power Sources Group in developing better-performing cells and batteries.


  • Basic research in electrochemical separation methods of metals and their compounds from batteries using various electrode substrates (RVC®, GC, Pt, Au, Fe, Pb, PbO2, graphite).
  • Construction and study of cells and batteries.


Dr. Zbigniew Rogulski
phone +48 22 568 24 47
e-mail: zbigniew.rogulski(at)ichp.pl