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Application of graphite and graphite nanofillers to reduce flammability of plastics

The offer pertains to obtaining plastics with reduced flammability with graphite or its derivatives including: polystyrene with reduced flammability produced in the suspension polymerization process, polyester or epoxy compositions.

A brief description of the process

Graphite additives are introduced into ready polyester or epoxy resins as a composition constituent and into polystyrene during its obtaining by the suspension polymerization method.

Advantages of the technology offered

Graphite and its varieties raise mounting interest as additives able to effectively reduce flammability of plastics. Graphite is practically neutral to the environment, and its action comprises i.a. restriction of oxygen access to the flame zone and creation of non-flammable decomposition products. Unfortunately, application of graphite alone in many cases (e.g. polystyrene) does not warrant sufficient reduction in the plastic flammability and hence there is a need to modify graphite or use additional supporting flame retardants. Proposed solutions are of pro-ecological character.


The process can be performed using industrially available apparatus to produce polystyrene.

Advancement of proceedings

At present laboratory works are under way.


Patent application in preparation.

Market competitiveness

The solution is competitive in relation to currently used methods to reduce plastics flammability with halogen additives, whose application is now being restricted by the European Union legislation.

Type of expected cooperation

Co-financing of research works. Cooperation in industrial implementation of the proposed solution.


Piotr Jankowski, Ph.D., Chem. Eng.

phone: + 48 22 568 24 63