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Melamine salts

The subject of the offer are salts of melamine and organic acids (cyanuric acid – melamine cyanurate) or inorganic acids (phosphoric – melamine phosphate, melamine pyrophosphate, polyphosphoric – melamine polyphosphate, boric – melamine borate).

The above-mentioned salts are solids with decomposition temperature > 260 °C. They are applied as flame retardants to thermoplastic materials, especially polyamides.

A brief description of the process

Melamine salts are obtained in a direct reaction between melamine and appropriate organic or inorganic acid in aqueous suspension. These reactions do not require any catalyst.

Advantages of the technology offered

Flame retardants used so far were based on chlorine or bromine compounds. An advantage of the offered technology is synthesis of ecological halogen-free flame retardants. The process of preparation of salts of melamine proceeds in aqueous suspension with 100 % efficiency, without by-products.


A reactor equipped with a reflux condenser, a temperature recorded and a heating medium.

Advancement of proceedings

The melamine salts synthesis has been developed on the laboratory scale.

It is necessary to reach appropriate degree of fineness of obtained salts. There is also necessary to refine the method to introduce the obtained composites into polymeric materials.


Patent application in preparation.

Market competitiveness

Halogen-free flame retardants constitute a competitive solution compared to flame retardants containing chlorine or bromine compounds.

Type of expected cooperation

Cooperation to increase the scale of synthesis of melamine salts and further research concerning application aspects of the obtained compounds.


Dorota Kijowska, Ph.D., Chem. Eng.

phone: + 48 22 568 25 05