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Revulcanization of comminuted tire rubber scrap

The subject of the offer are utility goods fabricated from comminuted rubber scrap made of waste tires or other comminuted rubber scrap revulcanized using sulfur.

A brief description of the process

Rubber panels made of comminuted rubber scrap are obtained with the developed method to revulcanize this waste with sulfur, using the compression molding technique.

Advantages of the technology offered

Results of preliminary inspection of mechanical properties and wear resistance of these composites are only slightly different from the characteristics of primary rubber.


  • mixer;
  • hydraulic press.

Advancement of proceedings

Laboratory scale.


Patent application No P-381 070 (2006) „Method to produce utility goods from comminuted rubber waste”.

Market competitiveness

The current recycling offer is insufficient in relation to steady growing amount of vulcanized waste, especially waste tires.

Type of expected cooperation

Partial financing of research works. Assistance in performing an attempt to press bigger fittings.


Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D.Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI

phone +48 (22) 568 24 91, +48 (22) 568 28 93
fax +48 (22) 568 21 84