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Utilization and recycling of the wastewater and technological streams in the galvanizing plant

The innovation of this technology is the application of filtration and membrane processes for separating of selected streams into clean water and concentrated solution of metals. Both resulting streams are fully subjected to recycling. The technology has been developed for the hot-dip galvanizing plant in which zinc sulfate solution is used as an electrolyte.

A brief description of the process

ICHP - description of the process

Selected technological streams and wastewater from different processes realized in the galvanizing plant are collected together and sent to the membrane unit (in this case, nanofiltration unit), where the separation into recovered water and concentrated solution of metals goes on. The products of the separation are turned back to the electrolyte.

Advantages of the technology offered

  • reduction of the amount of wastewater only to the streams from the regeneration of the ionite column
  • high degree (> 99 %) of the zinc recovery from technological streams and wastewater which underwent membrane process
  • reduction of the water consumption by the galvanizing plant by over 70 %


In this technology different membrane modules are used, all of them are commercially available.

Customization of the technology to the conditions in the particular plant, e.g. the hot-dip galvanizing plant, must be preceded by the semi-technical and pilot researches. The Institute has the appropriate apparata and installations for performing such studies.

Advancement of proceedings

Implementation of this technology requires the performance of studies which are necessary to adjust it to the conditions in particular industrial plant.


Depending on the range of the customization work, the technology can be offered as „know-how” of the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute or it can be the subject of a patent application.

Market competitiveness

The technologies of recycling of technological streams, including recovery of water and other natural raw materials, offered by other companies, can be competitive to this technology.

Type of expected cooperation

Co-operation with industrial plants concerning elaboration of technological concept to the conditions of the particular company. Customization works and researches will be performed primarily at the location of the interested company.


Tadeusz Porębski, M.Sc., Chem. Eng.

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