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Coating Resins and Plasticizers

Research areas

  • Polyesterimide resins

  • Laqueurs based on polyesterimides for insulation of electrical wire

  • Production technology of tris(2-hydroxyethyl) trimellitic acid ester

  • Plasticizers for PVC

  • Polyesters plasticizers

  • Plasticizers from renewable and waste materials

  • Water soluble alkyds resins

  • The synthesis and modification of phenolic resins
  • Binders compositions for foundry

  • The modification of polycondensation resins with nonofillers

  • The synthesis of epoxy resins

  • Polyaddtion of epoxy resins with phenols

  • Epoxy resins compositions for copper clad laminate

  • Liquid crystalline polyurethanes and epoxy resins

  • UV-curable compositions used in electronics

  • New materials used in nonlinear optics

  • Carboxylic polyesters for powder coatings

  • Services - determination of coatings properties
  • Chemical utilization of waste plastics.


  • Synthesis and modification of unsaturated polyesters

  • Synthesis of polyesterimide resins for laqueurs used for insulation of electrical wire.

  • Polyesters plasticizers for PVC

  • Resins for coatings

  • Synthesis of polycondesation resins
  • Synthesis and applications of epoxy resins

  • Liquid crystalline polymerse

  • Polyurethane and epoxy composition for high-tech

  • UV- curing of polymers.


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