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Usage of waste materials to produce acoustic screens

The subject of the offer are acoustic screen panels of a new type for highway engineering applications.

A brief description of the process

Polyolefin composites containing comminuted rubber scrap are obtained by mixing of components in a suitable mixer or they can be extruded in the form of a granulate. These composites can be processed with standard methods, like extrusion, compression molding and injection molding.

Advantages of the technology offered

Disposing of waste polymeric plastics and comminuted rubber scrap from tire.


  • granulation line with a single-screw extruder,
  • single-screw extruder, screw diameter > 60 mm, used in the extrusion molding method,
  • hydraulic press,
  • injection molding machine.

Advancement of proceedings

Laboratory scale.


W 60273 (1998) „Sound-absorbing panel”.

Patent No P-201 467 (2004) „Thermoplastic composition”.

Patent No P-201 466 (2004) „Polyolefins-based thermoplastic composition”.

Patent No P-206 725 (2004) „Method to produce sound-absorbing screen panels”.

Market competitiveness

No similar solutions on the domestic market. Market competition in the area of acoustic screens is high. Plastic screens used nowadays are transparent panels made from poly(methyl methacrylate) or polycarbonate. Keeping these screens clean is very difficult and after a few years they are useless.

Type of expected cooperation

Trial fabrication of screens on the production scale.


Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D.Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI

phone +48 (22) 568 24 91, +48 (22) 568 28 93
fax +48 (22) 568 21 84