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Distillation and Crystallization Processes

Current activity

Laboratory researches and design works in the following fields:

  • the use of distillation and rectification operations in purifying of substances as well as in dividing technological streams; modelling of the continuous and periodic systems, especially the azeotropic ones;
  • the computer aided designing of the industrial installations, especially rectifying columns and heat exchangers using simulating programs in ChemCAD software package;
  • optimization of based on distillation processes technological lines using simulating package ChemCAD;
  • the use of the melt crystallization (from the solid state) as a method of purifying of the chemical substances.

Additional works in the following fields:

  • determination of definite physicochemical properties of the pure substances and process streams;
  • prediction of the substance physicochemical properties;
  • gathering of the reliable physicochemical data for the institutional technological purposes;
  • correlating of the experimental data (VP, VLE) by recommended equations and thermodynamic models;
  • development of the corporate Physicochemical Properties Data Bank which are available in the Intranet network.

Laboratory methods and equipment

  • Set of distillation columns with the resolution up to 50 PT (theoretical plates).
  • Set of ebulliometers for determination of the vapour pressure (VP) and vapour-liquid equilibria (VLE).
  • Precision Digital Thermometer (PRTs) with the accuracy up to 0.005 °C.
  • Digital systems for measurement and regulation of vacuum which co-operate with the membrane and oil pumps.
  • Sheets with DIPPR Physicochemical Data Sheets for more than 1500 compounds / printed version.
  • ChemCAD Suite full commercial package.
  • Special software for analysing of the Tray Distillation Columns duty.
  • Envimac special software package for determination of hydraulic duty of the Packed Distillation Columns.
  • Special software for correlation of the experimental data.
  • Special software for prediction of the physicochemical properties of pure substances.


Marek Plesnar M. Sc., Chem. Eng.

phone +48 22 568 21 19