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Profesor Ignacy MościckiThe Industrial Chemistry Institute (ICI) exists since May 1922 when, on Professor Ignacy Mościcki's initiative, the first research unit called the Chemical Research Institute was founded in Lvov. The Institute was associated with Poland's chemical industry, A few years later, in 1926, the Institute was moved to Warsaw.
The task of the Chemical Research Institute was to conduct the scientific activities intended to build and to develop the Polish chemical industry with particular emphasis on the use of indigenous raw materials like black coal, clay and rock salt. At that time, the Institute's most important achievements included the process for making synthetic rubber (KER), putting on stream a KER plant (world's third, after Germany and Soviet Union, synthetic rubber plant), and sales of KER process licenses which were the basis for other countries to construct KER plants.
After the inactivity period caused by World War II, the scientific activity of the Institute was resumed already in 1945 within the framework of the Institute for Industrial Chemistry which, in 1948, was transformed into the Main Institute for Industrial Chemistry and this in turn, in 1951, was transformed into the Institute for General Chemistry - an institute remaining within the competence of the Ministry for Chemical Industry. In 1971, a merger of the Institute for General Chemistry with the Institute for Plastics paved the way to the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute. In 1990, the ICRI was named after Professor Ignacy Mościcki.

The scientific output of the post-war period comprises about 1500 Patents granted, hundreds of original chemical processes developed and designs of equipment that have been applied commercially in and outside Poland, several tens of plants operated on the basis of the licenses granted for the ICI processes.

From April 1, 2019, the Institute operates in the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Prof. Ignacy Mościcki ze współpracownikami

Prof. Ignacy Mościcki ze współpracownikami

Professor Ignacy Mościcki and his co-workers