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Modification of Polymers and New Polymeric Materials

Research areas

Novel polymeric materials

  • Modification by chemical and physico-chemical methods of thermo- and hardening plastics
  • Functional polymers, modifiers for polymers, compatibilizators, polymeric carriers
  • Fillers of hybride structure (organic/inorganic), their uses as precursors in polyreaction and as structural modifiers of polymeric composites.

Uses of renewable polymer to obtain thermoplastic materials

  • Packing
  • Adhesive
  • Half-finished products

Thermoplastic, solvent free adhesives type hot melt

  • Adhesive of polycondensation type (polyamides, polyesters)
  • Adhesive based on PP, PE, copolymer EVA, EEA, SIS, SBS and other.


  • in technological field of manufacturing different adhesive of non-solvent type and their modification (introduced several technology in industry).

  • in the field of modification of polyolefin, specially PP, modification conventional thermoplastic in the direction to receive more ecological polymers

  • Modification of polymer by reactive processing.


Izabella Legocka, D. Sc., professor of ICRI
phone +48 22 568 26 51

fax +48 22 568 25 64