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I. Čatić, D. Godec

The mould as the central part of production unit. Part I

Polimery 2000, No 3, 151

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2000.151


The paper presented at a Regional Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society [1], now reported in two Parts, describes selected historical and contemporary considerations concerned with tool making. These considerations can be regarded as the beginning of the tool-making philosophy, because tool-making fulfills all the top criteria required for the production. Tool-making has been and still is the foundation of product manufacturing and has experienced deep changes in the history. By developing the technical, especially manufacturing sciences, tool-making has introduced experience into scientific knowledge, which makes it possible to solve tasks that are becoming increasingly difficult. The position of tools in the culture and the term production are discussed. The philosophy of links between the design and production is approached and an explanation is given why tools constitute the central element of production lines.
Keywords: tool-making, natural and artificial tools, moulds, philosophy of tool-making, production, design, making
I. Čatić, D. Godec (785.4 KB)
The mould as the central part of production unit. Part I