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I. Čatić, D. Godec

The mould as the central part of production unit. Part II

Polimery 2000, No 4, 237

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2000.237


The development of technical, particularly manufacturing sciences, has resulted in a scientific knowledge added to underlie toolmaking and enabling increasingly difficult tasks to be solved. The work of the tool designer can be reintegrated with the work of the toolmaker. For some types of tools, Ropohl's [6] morphological classification has been redeveloped and the previously developed method using morphological boxes for designing moulds for injection moulding of thermoplastics has been theoretically supported. Separation of the activities of tool designing and toolmaking is shown to have unsatisfactory consequences. The expanding share of computers and computer software in modern toolmaking makes reintegration of the two fields of activity desirable.
Keywords: toolmaking, natural and artificial tools, moulds, philosophy of toolmaking, mould production and design
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The mould as the central part of production unit. Part II