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Brussels INNOVA 2015

The 64rd edition of The World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technology Brussels INNOVA 2015 was held on 19-21 November 2015. The Industrial Chemistry Research Institute presented three inventions, rewarded with medals.

"Hybrid inorganic/organic aerogels for the insulating applications”, authors: Dr. Maria Zielecka, D. Sc., prof. of ICRI; Magdalena Wenda, M. Sc., Chem Eng.; Katarzyna Suwała, M. Sc., Chem Eng.; Marek Panasiuk; Elżbieta Bujnowska, Chem. Eng.; Dr. Izabella Legocka, D.Sc., prof. of ICRI; Ewa Wierzbicka, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Krystyna Cyruchin – was awarded by Gold Medal with Mention and the Grand Prix by Academy of Technical Sciences from Romania. This invention was granted International Innovation Award from The Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

"Concentrate for plants – biocidal substances made from cabbage of natural substrate”, authorship by team: Dr. Irena Grzywa-Niksińska, Chem.Eng.; Dr. Izabella Legocka, D.Sc., prof. of ICRI; Małgorzata Małachowska; Alicja Kowiecznikow – received Gold Medal and special award of ORIGITEA – The Institute of Health and Beauty by doctor Mukhina form Russia.

ICHP - Na stoisku IChP

Presentation at the stand of the Institute

This invention has also received The International Innovation Award from The Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding of The Polish Academy of Sciences.

"Ecologically friendly recovery of the post-reaction catalytic systems”, authors: Dr. Włodzimierz Ratajczak, Chem. Eng., prof. of ICRI; Tadeusz Porębski, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Tomasz Pajer, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Marek Plesnar, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Zbigniew Wielgosz, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Janusz Stasiński, M. Sc.; Marzena Talma-Piwowar, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Katarzyna Polarczyk, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Sławomir Tomzik, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Alicja Milczarek – was awarded by Silver Medal.

The Institute was represented by: Managing Director Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D. Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI (member of the Jury); Magdalena Wenda, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Mr Jerzy Prodan.

ICHP - mgr inż. Magdalena Wenda z ambasadorem Arturem Harazimem

Magdalena Wenda, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.
and Artur Harazim, Polish Ambassador

photo: Eurobusiness Haller and Jerzy Prodan

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