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iENA 2016

iENA 201668th iENA International Trade Fair "Ideas – Inventions – New Products” was held on 27-29 October 2016 in Nuremberg (Germany).

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) presented four inventions – all of them had been granted medals.

"Process of utilization of wastewater from biodiesel plant” (authors: Tadeusz Porębski, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Sławomir Tomzik, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Katarzyna Polarczyk, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.; Dawid Berny, M. Sc., Chem. Eng.) has received Gold Medal.

iENA 2016
Silver Medal was granted to invention "Innovate low-dust silica aerogels for high-tech applications” (dr. Maria Zielecka, D.Sc., prof of ICRI, Katarzyna Suwała, M.Sc., Chem.Eng., Magdalena Wenda, M.Sc., Chem.Eng., Marek Panasiuk, Elżbieta Bujnowska, Chem.Eng., Krystyna Cyruchin).

"The method of removing of wood preservatives containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) from wood waste materials (e.g. railway sleepers) by using supercritical extraction” (authors: Dr Robert Brzozowski, D. Sc., Chem. Eng., prof. ICRI; Dr Stefan Szarlik, Chem. Eng. – from ICRI – and Zbigniew Kołodziej, Chem. Eng.; Wojciech Kołodziej, Chem. Eng.; Michał Kluczek and Piotr Pałucki – from Extraction Devices Institute) has received Bronze Medal.

A Special Award from Taiwan Prominent Inventor League was granted to invention "The hybrid thermal insulation material – a composite of expanded polystyrene and fibers of recycled cellulose” (authors: Dr. Elżbieta Wardzińska-Jarmulska, Dr. Jadwiga Stanecka, Chem. Eng.; Dr Barbara Szczepaniak – from ICRI – and Leszek Danecki, M. Sc., Chem. Eng., Leszek Majewski, M. Sc., Chem. Eng. from Research & Development Centre for Wood-Based Panels Ltd. in Czarna Woda).

Inventions of the ICRI were presented at the stand of the Inventor Promotion Agency Ltd. The Institute was represented by Mr. Jerzy Prodan.

Photo: Inventor

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