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Chemosetting polymeric composites

The subject of the offer is a chemosetting self-leveling polymeric composition containing unsaturated polyester or epoxy resins and (when needed) plasticizers, flame retardants, greases, stabilizers and modifiers in the total amount of 30–70 wt. %. The composition includes also a mineral filler, especially thermally conditioned phosphogypsum left from production of phosphoric acid or its mixture with other mineral fillers e.g. talc. The composition is destined for production of floor screeds, tiles, inner and outer wall facing involving the pouring method.

A brief description of the technology

The process includes ingredients mixing for about 1 h at temperature about 20 °C, deaeration for about 1 h and addition of the last ingredient, which is a stiffener. This way prepared mixture is suitable for pouring onto an in advance prepared ground.

Advantages of the technology offered

The compositions offered, due to application of waste raw materials are characterized by very low cost.


Concrete mixer or other stirrer.


Patent application No P-194 809 (2001) „Chemosetting polymeric compositions”.

Market competitiveness

No similar solutions on the domestic market.


The chemosetting polymeric compositions for floor screeds has an attest issued by National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene and Technical Approval issued by Building Research Institute.


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