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Extract from celery fruits

Celery, both root and leafy, is a precious source of mineral nutrients (contains i.a. potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium) and vitamins (C, of group B, PP, E and provitamin A). Curative properties has first of all uncooked celery. It purifies blood, slows down ageing process, produces soothing, anti-depressive and painkilling effect.

Characteristic, typical and lasting flavor and taste of celery give it mainly two lactones: 3-n-butyl phthalide and 3-n-butyl 2-hydrophthalide. Contents of these ingredients in oils and extracts does not exceed 1 %. Total contents of these lactones is a measure of the extract concentration in preparations to be encapsulated.

Carbon dioxide in supercritical state extracts from celery fruit 0,9 % of sedanolide (3-n-butyl 2-hydrophthalide) and 0,5 % of n-butyl phthalide.

A brief description of the technology

Fruits of leafy or root celery undergo extraction with soya oil or carbon dioxide in liquid and supercritical state. The process proceeds with efficiency of about 3.4--3.96 %. As extracts from fruits of both root and leafy celery contain comparable lactone quantities, both kinds of fruits can be used interchangeably. In the case of root celery fruits the extraction time should be longer, compared to the leafy species.

Extraction with liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide

A carbon dioxide stream under appropriate pressure is fed using a pump into an extractor placed in a water bath at temperature about -30 °C. The carbon dioxide stream with the extract solved is then decompressed using a throttling valve, down to the atmospheric pressure and is directed to a receptacle placed in a bath. The carbon dioxide stream goes from the receptacle to a gas meter and finally to the installation.

Extraction with oil

Ground seeds of root or leafy celery are placed in an agitator, a specified amount of soya oil is added and then the extraction at room temperature proceeds for 24 or 72 h. Then the reactor contents is filtered and the extract is analyzed for lactones contents.

Advantages of the technology offered

The extract obtained using liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide combines magnificent flavor of celery oil with intensive taste of oleoresins and also is free of macromolecular compounds i.e. waxes, fats and proteins.

It can be applied as an ingredient of food flavors, soup concentrates and spices and also as an aromatizing ingredient for other food products.

The extract in the form of yellow liquid and with intensive celery flavor has the following physicochemical properties:

  • density, d420 890 kg/m3
  • refractive index, nD20 1,4800
  • acid value, (AV) 27 mg KOH/g
  • saponification value, (SV) 236 mg KOH/g

Application of edible soya oil in the extraction simplifies the technological process and allows to skip a complicated issue to analyze vestigial amounts of organic solvents in the food product.


Extraction with liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide requires to use special pressure apparatus e.g.: an extractor and a receptacle placed in a water bath and a rotameter.

Market competitiveness

On the Polish market there are no preparations containing celery extract.


The celery extract received an approval issued by National Hygiene Institute and can be applied in production of food flavors.


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