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General purpose silicone greases

A grease to seal up and/or secure ground glass joints in laboratory apparatus and metal surfaces, decreasing glass joints clotting due to grease leaching by solvents, especially in glass apparatus operating at increased temperature (-50 °C–250 °C) and/or under reduced pressure (3–5 mm Hg). The greases are also handy in lubrication and securing water fittings.

A brief description of the technology

The process to obtain the greases offered includes very fine grinding of silicone oil with fillers, until uniform consistency is not reached.

Advantages of the technology offered

Greases produced according to the technology are marked by very good resistance to solvents, especially at temperature range between 100 and 180 °C and under reduced pressure, thus guaranteeing very good effectiveness in securing ground glass connections in laboratory apparatus.


  • kneader or Z mixer,
  • tube, box or glass jar packing device.


We offer our know-how, the technology is not protected with any patent.

Market competitiveness

The main advantage of the technology offered is a big added value to be earned from this production. It results from a big difference between the price of materials and labor costs, and the sale price.

Potential customers are chemical, medical and biological laboratories supplied by distribution companies, e.g. POCH S.A.


According to the technology developed, since 2004 is produced a grease for pipette plungers for HTL S.A. Company. Over 90 % of pipettes produced by the company is sold to world markets (USA, Europe).


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