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Ground stabilizing nets (geonets)

The subject of the offer are ground stabilizing nets called geonets (globnets) produced from waste materials. They are produced from a mixture of comminuted vulcanized rubber scrap (particle size < 1,6 mm) from car tires (20–50 wt. %), mineral fillers (up to 30 wt. %) and polyolefin recyclate, e.g. PE-LD film agglomerate (50–80 wt. %).

A brief description of the technology

A mixture of comminuted vulcanized rubber scrap, polyolefin agglomerate and mineral filler (0–30 %) is extruded in the form of bands 15 mm thick and of free to choose width. The bands are connected in such a way, that they create a structure of „honey-comb” type when unfolded, with uniform mesh size, and when folded they are superimposed one layer upon another. The extruded and cooled band displays the effect of double-sided knurling without any additional tools. Due to knurling, meshes between bands can be filled with soil with vegetation, ground from excavations, sand, aggregate, etc., providing increased ground stabilization and restricting migration of ground crumbs or sand. This facilitates vegetation rooting and constitutes additional effective and attractive protection form for escarpments and slopes.

Advantages of the technology offered

Offered by the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute technology to produce geonets, due to utilization of thermoplastic recyclates, is marked by very low cost of constituents, by 1/3 less than the cost of other widely applied geonets produced from primary high density polyethylene.


  • extruding line with a long tape receptacle to cool down the band for geonet, terminated with a calender and a cutter to cut the band into straps of suitable width;
  • a device to weld or glue the band in the form of honey-comb.


Patent P-205 736 (2004) „Cellular ground stabilizing nets made of bands from waste materials and the method to produce them”.

Market competitiveness

The domestic market offers only geonets made of primary high density polyethylene.


A piece of geonet, produced on the industrial scale, was mounted on the Polish coast near Jastrzębia Góra. It has been perfectly fulfilling its strengthening role. During 5 years of usage its properties have practically not deteriorated.


Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D.Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI

phone: + 48 22 568 24 91, fax: + 48 22 568 21 84