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Inorganic analysis

  • determination of metal content in aqueous solutions, organic and inorganic samples and samples with mixed organic-inorganic matrix by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) method, including:

  • determination of metals in water and wastewater;
  • purity control of raw materials;
  • determination of metal content in paints and dyes for the manufacture of paints, in varnishes, plastics and colourants of plastic materials;
  • chemical composition analysis of catalysts and aluminosilicates;
  • determination of metals in vegetable materials and oils;
  • determination of trace amounts of toxic metals (Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Sb, Hg, As) in the articles of plastics, cosmetics, detergents, etc.;
  • determination of trace metal content in the articles of paper;
  • studies on toxic metals migration from the colourants in plastic materials coming into contact with food and from utility products made of plastics (packaging, toys, stationery, etc.);

  • determination of anions in inorganic samples, water and wastewater.


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