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Large-size road traffic security devices

The subject of the offer is a technology to obtain big-size road traffic security devices like: stands for emergency traffic signs, speed bumps, parking bollards, etc., made of waste from polyolefins or poly(vinyl chloride) and vulcanized gum (particle size < 5 mm).

A brief description of the technology

Polyolefin composites containing vulcanized gum waste are obtained by their mixing in an appropriate mixer or by extrusion in granulated form. These composites can be processed with standard methods of extrusion, compression molding or injection molding.

Advantages of the technology offered

The composites offered, due to the usage of thermoplastic recyclates in production, are characterized by very low cost.


  • screw or drum mixer,
  • extruder with screw diameter over 60 mm,
  • press or injection molding machine.


Patent PL-177 682 (1995) „Thermoplastic polymeric composition containing comminuted vulcanized rubber scrap”.

Patent PL-188 466 (1997) „Thermoplastic polymeric composition”.

Market competitiveness

No similar solutions on the domestic market.


A speed bump produced with the form extrusion method is since 10 years mounted at the site of Industrial Chemistry Research Institute and works without any problems.

Silver medal at Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property Archimedes 2006, Moscow, Russia.

Bronze medal at International Exhibition "International Warsaw Invention Show” (IWIS) 2007.


Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D.Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI

phone: + 48 22 568 24 91, fax: + 48 22 568 21 84