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Polyester plasticizers

Synthesis of polyester plasticizers using waste poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) proceeds in four stages:

Ist stage – glycolysis of waste poly(ethylene terephthalate) with diethylene glycol, at temperature 220–230 °C in the presence of a catalyst,

IInd stage – condensation of mixtures of glycols, PET oligomers and adipic acid, performed at temperature 200–210 °C, until acid value > 50 mg KOH/g is reached, in order to obtain dicarboxylic polyester,

IIIrd stage – esterification of dicarboxylic polyester with 2-ethylhexyl alcohol, at temperature 150–180 °C, until acid value < 10 mg KOH/g is reached,

IVth stage – flash distillation and distillation under reduced pressure, allowing to obtain plasticizers of proper volatility. Distillation under reduced pressure is performed up to the moment when volatility of
di(2-hydroxyl)polyester drops below 0.7 % at temperature 180 °C for 30 min (check using a thermo-balance).

Advantages of the technology offered

Because of big molecular mass, polyester plasticizers using poly(etylene terephthalate) are characterized by low volatility and low migration tendency, and hence will not be washed out from final products. Big thermal stability of PVC products obtained using polyester plasticizers guarantees much longer usage of these products, and to much extent this will bring about lower amount of worn-out products. Good miscibility and good efficiency of developed plasticizers produced from PET (comparable to polymeric plasticizers produced from petrochemical constituents on the industrial scale in Organika-Sarzyna Chemical Plant) will broaden the offer. Lower price of polyester softeners produced from PET compared to plasticizers available on the domestic market (produced by Organika-Sarzyna Chemical Plant and imported) will increase interest among purchasers.


The synthesis is performed in a typical installation to synthesize polyesters in a reactor equipped with a stirrer, a distillation column and a thermometer.


In preparation.

Market competitiveness

Attractive price, compared to prices of polyester plasticizers.


Implemented production of polyester plasticizers from petrochemical constituents in Z.Ch. „Organika-Sarzyna” S.A. in 2002.


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