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Polymeric composites with silica nanoparticles

Polyamide (PA) and poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) composites with silica nanofiller content of several percent (0.5–6 wt. %), having various functional groups, show unique and enhanced properties in comparison to unfilled PA and PET polymers, such as: better barrier, mechanical and thermal properties, and in case of polyamide also increased chemical resistance. A significant influence on properties of the nanocomposites has the content and size of spherical silica particles, the number of introduced functional groups, the presence of a compatibilizer, and also processing conditions.

A brief description of the technology

The nanocomposite production technology comprises dispersion of spherical nanosilica with particle size between 40 and 180 nm in a polymeric matrix. The process is based on the reactive extrusion method which is carried out in a co-rotating twin-screw extruder, with screw revolution speed providing uniform dispersion.

Advantages of the technology offered

Composites produced according to the technology are competitive to composites containing layered nanofillers (e.g.: montmorillonite) due to ability to permanently connect the functionalized silica with the polymeric matrix and obtain at the same time system of homogeneous and high dispersion degree. Furthermore, application of compatibilizers with a defined physicochemical characteristics prevents agglomeration of nanoparticles and influences their permanent bounding into the polymeric matrix, what results in favorable properties of the nanocomposite.


A intermeshing co-rotating twin-screw extruder.


Patent application No P-385 297 (2008) „Polyamide composite with a powdery nanofiller”.

Patent application No P-389 434 (2009) „Poly(ethylene terephthalate) composite with a powdery nanofiller”.

Market competitiveness

There are no producers of polymeric nanocomposites on the domestic market.


Awards gained on prestigious international invention and innovation exhibitions: 2 bronze medals (Geneva 2009, Nuremberg 2009).


Dr. Regina Jeziórska, D.Sc., Eng., prof. of ICRI

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