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Polyurethane and polyurethane-bitumen sealants and coatings - Elastofix PU and Elastofix PU-B

Those products have been developed for application in construction, specifically for water-proofing insulations as moisture-curable, single-component materials. They can however be applied also in two-component systems, what significantly accelerates curing process. Elastofix can be used also in mining and in production of window panels. Elastofix grades of enhanced chemical resistance and enhanced glass adhesion properties are also available.

They are supplied in a form of a paste with thixotropic and self-leveling properties, with light-creamy color in case of Elastofix PU, and black in case of Elastofix PU-B. Elastofix PU does not contain organic solvents, whereas Elastofix PU-B contains only a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons mixture (from just few to over a dozen percent).

A brief description of the technology

The process to obtain Elastofix PU products comprises two steps. The first step is to disperse fillers in a starting polyol, then the mixture is dehydrated under reduced pressure and subsequently the polyaddition process of polyol and diisocyanate is carried out, at increased temperature, in inert gas atmosphere and in the presence of a plasticizer.

In case of the thixotropic grade, the product obtained is additionally mixed with colloidal silica.

The process to obtain Elastofix PU-B products includes mixing of Elastofix PU mass containing as a filler coal flour (and possibly carbon black) with asphalt-isocyanate adduct (produced in a reaction between molten asphalt and diisocyanate).

Advantages of the technology offered

The technology allows to obtain products forming elastic joints or coatings, well adhering to construction materials and resistant to outdoor environmental factors. The special grades are also resistant even to chemical agents, especially acid and base solutions.


  • typical reactor with an anchor stirrer and a heating / cooling jacket, able to keep inert gas atmosphere and conduct the process under reduced pressure,
  • high speed mixer,
  • tanks to store reactants,
  • planetary mixer (in case of the thixotropic grade),
  • a device for pneumatic discharge of the planetary mixer bowl (optional).

Laboratory equipment:

  • equipment to determine the hydroxyl value and NCO groups contents,
  • viscometer or rheometer,
  • equipment for testing the properties of sealants and coatings.


The technologies were patented, but the patents have already expired.

Market competitiveness

At present there are market-available polyurethane sealants and coatings, including polyurethane-bituminous ones, but those are no moisture-curable products.


Elastofix PU and Elastofix PU-B (containing coal pitch adduct instead of asphalt adduct) were produced on the industrial scale (up to 300 TPY) in the eighties of the last century by Pilchem Company on site of the former Paints and Coatings Company in Pilawa. Production of Elastofix PU masses was then moved to „Silikony Polskie” Chemical Plant in Nowa Sarzyna, but after a few years was abandoned due to a reduction in the production profile of the plant to solely silicone products.

All grades of Elastofix PU and Elastofix PU-B products designated for construction applications received certificates of Building Technology Research Institute (ITB).


Dr. Janusz Kozakiewicz, D.Sc., Chem. Eng., prof. of ICRI

phone: + 48 22 568 23 78

Jarosław Przybylski, M.Sc., Chem. Eng.

phone: + 48 22 568 26 46, + 48 22 568 26 47