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Oxidation and Caprolactam Processes

Research areas

  • Development of the caprolactam process consisting of the following sub-processes and operations:

    • Catalytic benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane,

    • Cyclohexane oxidation in the liquid phase to cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone,

    • Separation of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone from the reaction mixture,

    • Catalytic cyclohexanol dehydrogenation to cyclohexanone,

    • Cyclohexanone oxime formation from cyclohexane treated with hydroxylamine sulfate solution (obtained via catalytic nitric oxide hydrogenation in sulfuric acid),

    • Cyclohexanone oxime rearrangement to caprolactam,

    • Separation and purification of caprolactam,

  • Studies for the modernization of the anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide process. Studies are performed on a continuously operating quarter-technical scale installation,

  • Studies of the cyclohexanol synthesis by partial benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexene step,

  • Synthesis of adipic acid by cyclohexanol oxidation with nitric acid.


The group has experience in hydrogenation and oxidation of organic compounds in the liquid phase, separation and purification of multi-component mixtures of organic compounds, dehydrogenation of alcohols to ketones, elimination of small amounts of organic compounds from non-reactive gases. The group members are highly qualified in apparatus and installation design tasks, implementation of the research results in the industry, and the startup of chemical plants.


Dr. Stefan Szarlik, Chem. Eng.
phone +48 22 568 22 66, +48 22 568 21 76

fax +48 (22) 568 21 74