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J. Kijeński, T. Kaczorek

RAPID COMMUNICATION: Catalytic degradation of polystyrene (in English)

Polimery 2005, No 1, 60


Syndiotactic polystyrene was degraded in an atmosphere of N2 or H2 at 375 or 400°C in the presence of transition metal catalysts (Cr, Ni, Mo, Co or Fe) on the support (Al2O3, SiO2). Styrene, ethyl benzene, α-methylstyrene, cumene, toluene, benzene as well as bi- and tricyclic hydrocarbons were found in the reaction products. Effects of degradation conditions on the products compositions were discussed. The highest yield of styrene monomer (>80%) was reached when iron-based catalysts were used.

Key words: syndiotactic polystyrene, catalytic depolymerization, catalysts, transition metal, support, yield of styrene

J. Kijeński, T. Kaczorek

Catalytic degradation of polystyrene (in English)