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T. Jachowicz

All-electric injection molding machines

Polimery 2007, No 2, 99

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2007.099


General problems concerning the structure of modern all-electric injection molding machines were presented. Advanced engineering designs of the clamping systems (Fig. 1-10) and plasticizing systems (Fig. 11-13) in the discussed injection molding machines have been characterized. The constructions of two-plate and three-plate clamping units as well as constructional solutions with tie-bars or tie-bar-less ones, and the changes in plasticizing unit drive were discussed. An influence of electric drive on the functional properties of injection molding machine has been characterized. Advantages and disadvantages of application of electric drive in he worm injection molding machines were stressed (Fig. 14).

Key words: injection molding machine, electric drive, plasticizing unit, clamping unit, construction, process efficiency

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T. Jachowicz

All-electric injection molding machines