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Polimery No 4-5/1984

Z. Kłosowska-Wołkowicz, P. Penczek 2020-01-02

Scientific and technological progress in the field of unsa­turated polyester resins


A. Fradet, E. Maréchal 2020-01-02

Chemical modification, side reactions and structural investigations of unsaturated polyesters and their model compounds


I. Vancsó-Szmercsányi, A. Szilágyi 2020-01-02

Chemical principles of thickening solutions of unsaturated polyesters in the result of their reaction with metal ions


H. Matsuda, H. Dohi, K. Kanaoka 2020-01-02

Cured resins from methacrylic polyesters containing metal atoms


J. S. Lipatow, P. W. Dacko, S. S. Gudzera, W. F. Rosowicki, W. K . Griszczenko, J. W. Maślak 2020-01-02

Syntheses and viscoelastics properties of two-stage-cured segregated epoxy-acrylate networks


S. I. Omel’czenko, N. G. Videnina, P. A. Bondarenko, W. P. Rybachuk 2020-01-02

Peculiarities of the synthesis and properties of unsaturated cycloalkylene oligoesters


Z. Kłosowska-Wołkowicz, D. Milczarska-Iwańczyk, P. Penczek 2020-01-03

The effect of blocking the functional groups in unsaturated polyester resins on the viscosity of their styrene solutions


M. Večeřa Jr., J. Mleziva, M. Mach 2020-01-03

The dependence of properties of epoxy-methacrylic resins based on tetrabromobisphenol a on the conditions of thermal aftercuring


M. Pawlak, W. Królikowski, M. Malinowski 2020-01-03

Studies on polyester-acrylic compositions for reinforced moulding compounds


B. Brudkowska, K. Kortylewska 2020-01-03

Solventless ester-imide coil-impregnating lacquers


E. Kicko-Walczak, P. Penczek 2020-01-03

Reduction of styrene evaporation from unsaturated polyester resins


D. Milczarska-Iwańczyk, A. Raszczuk 2020-01-03

The effect of some additives on the rheological properties of unsaturated polyester resins


A. Kamiński 2020-01-07

Inflammability as a criterion of the applicability of polyester laminates in the construction of passenger cars


M. Szczepanowska, E. Skrzypińska-Tracz 2020-01-07

Properties of home-made new types of the polimal-series unsaturated polyester resins