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B. Kowalska

RAPID COMMUNICATION: Processing aspects of p-v-T relationship

Polimery 2006, No 11-12, 862

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2006.862


The pressure-specific volume-temperature (p-v-T) relationship of polymers are important for the analysis of injection molding process. In the study, the p-v-T data for polypropylene Malen P type J-400 were measured during slow isobaric cooling. From the results of these measurements, the p-v-T data of the amorphous and semi-crystalline phases were obtained. The crystallization kinetics of the sample was determined using DSC measurements and the results have been fitted to the Nakamura-Hieber model to obtain equation parameters. Then the p-v-T behavior corresponding to the high cooling rate used in molding process was obtained.

Key words: jection molding, p-v-T relation, Tait equation, Nakamura-Hieber model

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B. Kowalska

Processing aspects of p-v-T relationship