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Polymer Technology

Research areas

  • technology of poly(phenylene oxide) manufacturing
  • physical modification of polyacetals, including use of nanofillers
  • modification of PVC manufacturing technology
  • PVC nanocomposites


  • technology of suspension PVC manufacturing – laboratory, pilot and industrial scales, all aspects
  • PVC nanocomposites produced in situ, pilot plant scale
  • PVC environmental matters
  • technology of polyacetals manufacturing - pilot and industrial scales
  • cationic copolymerization of trioxane with various comonomers
  • initiators of the process of trioxane copolymerization
  • physical modification of polyacetals
  • brief foredesign of polyacetals manufacturing in the industrial scale
  • operating instructions of polyacetals industrial process
  • polymers investigations by thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry

Long-lasting experience in development and implementation of polyacetals and PVC technologies into the industry.

Technologies offered

  • Modernizations of suspension PVC manufacturing
  • PVC nanocomposites prepared in polymerization step

Research methods and equipment

  • Laboratory reactors and autoclaves
  • Program controlling the polymerization process
  • Pilot plant of continuous process of trioxane copolymerization
  • Test stands:
    • batch polymerization / copolymerization of vinyl monomers
    • batch copolymerization of trioxane
    • melt flow rate measurement
    • thermogravimetry
    • differential calorimeter


Sebastian Firlik, D. Sc. Chem. Eng.

phone +48 22 568 29 57, +48 22 568 20 42

e-mail sebastian.firlik(at)ichp.pl