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Preparation and verification of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

We offer our capacity in preparation of MSDS

Almost every company involved in production, import or placing on the market will sooner or later come across substances or mixtures requiring preparation of Material Safety Data Sheets.

If some hazardous properties of a substance to be placed on the market come into sight, e.g.:

  • explosive, oxidative, extremely flammable, highly flammable, flammable;
  • toxic or very toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritant, sensitizing;
  • carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction (CMR);
  • dangerous to environment;
  • fulfilling PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic) criteria


  • substance is not classified as dangerous but: contains at least one substance depicted in the relevant regulations as causing harm to human health or environment, present in concentration of at least 0.1 wt. % in case of non-gaseous substances or 0.2 vol. % for gases; or contains above the same concentration of CMR (cat. 1 or 2); or for which workplace exposure concentration limits were established,

a Material Safety Data Sheet in an official language of a country where product is placed on a market is required.

Preparation of that data sheet is an obligation of a manufacturer, formulator or importer (from outside EU).

Material Safety Data Sheet is dedicated for professional users and enables them to adopt all occupational safety, health and environmental protection measures. It also provides consumer (through proper labeling) with a complete information about potential risks which may arise from using a particular substance or mixture.

A format of Safety Data Sheet which forms a set of information about dangerous properties of substances or mixtures and rules and recommendations for their safe use was set out in a EU Commission Regulation 453/2010 of 20 May 2010.

It is possible to prepare a Safety Data Sheet individually, on a basis of relevant knowledge (in particular while being a manufacturer) or, on a basis of one being delivered by a supplier (in case of being an importer or trader).

Very often however a SDS prepared by a supplier doesn't fulfill the requirements of polish law. Direct translation of an original text results in missing requirements of polish law and lapse in verification of e.g. classification provided by manufacturer.

If you would like to be sure that Safety Data Sheet which is in use in your company and which you present to your customers fulfills the requirements of UE law regarding chemicals and a label was designed properly, and in the same time you are of the opinion that our ancestors were right inventing societal sharing of duties, you are invited to use our assistance.


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