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Iuventus Plus - completed

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Project implemented within the framework of the Iuventus Plus Programme

Research on application of PO4/MO3/SiO2 (M= Mo, W) catalytic system in selected reactions of aromatic compounds

The project is carried out under contract no 0100/IP3/2013/72 by the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI)

Timeframe: 2013-2016
Funding of the project: 289 900 PLN

Dr Joanna Adamiak, Chem. Eng.

phone + 48 22 568 20 99


Aromatic compounds are widely used in the chemical industry. Alkyl, acyl- and nitro-derivatives are intermediates in synthesis of drugs, dyes, pesticides and explosives. The alkylation, acylation and nitration reactions are still carried out using conventional acids, such as H2SO4 and AlCl3. However, processes involving conventional acids are typically associated with problems of high toxicity, corrosion, catalyst waste, and difficulty of separation and recovery.

Replacement of these liquid acids with solid acids is desirable in the chemical industry. Thus, in the project, the possibility of replacing conventional acid catalysts with solid catalysts composed of molybdenum and tungsten oxide supported on silica modified with phosphate ions is investigated. The purpose of the project is to identify and understand the role of surface domains of new catalysts in nitration, alkylation and acylation of aromatic compounds.

The study will indicate a possible direction of further applications of the catalysts and can be the basis to determine the optimal conditions for the processes in accordance with the principles of green chemistry.